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Index of current poems:

000 - Christmas
001 - In The Beginning Audio
002 - That Middle Tree Audio
003 - Cain, Able and Seth Audio
004 - Noah And The Flood Audio
005 - Tower Of Babel Audio
006 - Abram To Canaan Audio
007 - Abram Rescues Lot Audio
008 - Abraham The Promise Audio
009 - Lot And Sodom
010 - Abraham And Ishmael
011 - Abraham And Isaac
012 - Isaac's Wife
013 - Jacob And Esau's Birthright
014 - Jacob And Esau's Blessing
015 - Jacob Laban Rachel
016 - Jacob Works For Laban
017 - Jacob Faces Esau
018 - The Boy Joseph
019 - Joseph Potaphar To Pharoah
020 - Joseph The Ruler
021 - Joseph The Brother
022 - Jacob To Egypt
023 - Slaves In Egypt
024 - Moses Pharaoh's Grandson
025 - God Calls Moses
026 - Moses Before Pharaoh
027 - Six More Plagues
028 - The Red Sea
029 - Moses' Song
030 - Murmuring Israelites
031 - Water From A Rock
032 - Joshua Fights Amalek
033 - Moses Father-In-Law
034 - The Ten Commandments
035 - The Golden Calf
036 - The Tabernacle
037 - Five Offerings
038 - Clean, Unclean And The Sevens
039 - Numbers & Levites
040 - Offerings and Complaints
041 - 12 Spies
042 - Korah Rebels
043 - Aaron's Budding Rod
044 - Water From A Rock, Again
045 - The Wilderness Journey
046 - Balak and Balaam
047 - Moabites and Midianites
048 - Moses' Deuteronomy Review
049 - Moses Dies
050 - Rahab And The Spies
051 - Joshua Crossing Jordan
052 - Battle Of Jericho
053 - Achan's Sin
054 - Ai's Defeat
055 - The Gibeonite's Trick
056 - Israel's Promised Land
057 - East And West Tribes
058 - Joshua Dies
059 - Judges
060 - Othniel, Ehud, & Shamgar
061 - Deborah is Judge
062 - God Calls Gideon
063 - Gideon's Fleece
064 - Gods Sword and Gideon
065 - Abimelech
066 - Jephthah
067 - Jephthah To Samson
068 - Samson at Timnath
069 - Samson's Foxes And Jawbone
070 - Samson And Delilah
071 - Samson Looses His Strength
072 - Benjamin's Tribe
073 - Ruth and Naomi
074 - Ruth Works In The Field
075 - Ruth and Boaz
076 - Hannah Has Samuel
077 - Samuel In The Temple
078 - Philistines And The Ark
079 - Saul Is Made King
080 - Saul Begins To Lead
081 - Jonathan and Armor Bearer
082 - Will Jonathan Die?
083 - Saul and Amalekites
084 - Samuel Anoints David
085 - Goliath Challenges Israel
086 - David and Goliath
087 - Saul is Jealous of David
088 - David Runs From Saul
089 - David Flees To Adullam
090 - David Spares Saul
091 - David and Nabal
092 - David and Abigail
093 - David Spares Saul Again
094 - Saul and The Witch
095 - Amalekites Burn Ziklag
096 - Saul and His Sons Die
097 - David Becomes King
098 - The Covenant Ark
099 - Will David Build God's House?
100 - David The Warrior
101 - Nathan Visits David
102 - David's Punishment
103 - Absalom and Amnon
104 - David Is King Again
105 - More Giants
106 - David's Song
107 - David Counts Israel
108 - Solomon is King
109 - Solomon's Wisdom
110 - Solomon's Temple
111 - The Temple Dedication
112 - Queen of Sheba
113 - Rehoboam and Jeroboam
114 - Kings to Ahab
115 - Elijah and the Widow

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Five most recently written poems

111 - The Temple Dedication
112 - Queen of Sheba
113 - Rehoboam and Jeroboam
114 - Kings to Ahab
115 - Elijah and the Widow

Below are a couple of Bible In Poems random poem selections

Five Offerings

Leviticus 11:1 - Leviticus 27:34

Some animals the people could cook, and some were not for meat.
If it chews its cud and its hooves are split, then those the people could eat.

But pigs and dogs and cats and water dwellers without scales or fins,
none of them the people were aloud to eat. To do so would be sin.

They could eat a dove or locust, but no lizards or moles or snails.
No animals that walk on paws, whether they have long or short tails.

Then God gave Israel medical laws in case of leprosy.
That's a bad disease that eats the skin. I'm glad it's not on me!

Remember the ten commandments? Remember the seventh day?
The seventh day was for worship. For six they could work and play.

God gave them laws for years. Obey and they would be blessed.
For six years they could plant and grow. On the seventh the land would rest.

On the seventh year they were not to plant or trim their trees or vine.
During that year anything that grew, God said to leave behind.

But that was not all the sevens. God gave them even more.
There were special laws of seven, to help the slave and the poor.

When seven sevens of years past by, forty-nine plus one, fifty.
The next year was the special year called the Year of Jubilee.

Slaves were set free, debts were forgiven. Land was all returned,
Just like it never went away as far as they were concerned.

Gods Sword and Gideon

Judges 8:1 - Judges 10:18

When the battle was won over Midian, and the cities of the enemy,
Israel said Gideon, rule over us. We shall your subjects be.

Gideon replied I shall not rule, for God shall be your king.
It is not I who delivered you. It is God who has done this thing.

So Gideon live a happy life, with wives and seventy sons.
But when he died Israel forgot, all that he and God had done.

They turned and worshipped idols. So the trouble started again.
That's what happens when we forget God, and decide to live in sin.

A son by Gideon's handmaid, went to Shechem's men.
He said you've been under a mighty house, the family of Gideon.

Now Gideon's dead his seventy sons will tell you what to do.
Do you want them or me instead? Remember I'm kin to you.

So Shechem's men said Abimelech, we choose you as the one.
Reign over us. Abimelech did, and killed the seventy sons.

Well, almost all, but one escaped. Jotham was his name.
He was the youngest of Gideon's sons. This was his claim to fame.

He climbed atop a mountain. Told a parable of four trees.
My father Gideon kept you safe. Abimelech, brings you to your knees.

And sure enough in just three years arose a man named Gaal.
He started a rebellion, but Abimelech made him fall.

That led to another battle, 'tween Shechem and Abimelech.
He killed the men of Shechem. Jotham said that's what to expect.

Then Abimelech fought at Thebez. It had a strong high tower.
Abimelech came to burn it down. That's when he lost his power.

A woman cast a millstone piece. It hit Abimelech's head.
Told his armor boy to slay him. Now Abimelech was dead.

Then twenty three years judged Tola, and Jair for twenty two.
But Israel again turned from the Lord. God did what He said He'd do.

God delivered them to their enemies hands, the Philistines and Ammonites.
Then they cried unto the Lord again. He said, you want me to fight?

Go call on the idols you worship. Let them deliver you.
But Israel cried, we've sinned dear Lord. No idols. With them we are through.

So again God had compassion. He raised Jephthah a mighty man.
Through Jephthah God will deliver, His people Israel again.

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015