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Index of current poems:

001 - In The Beginning
002 - That Middle Tree
003 - Cain, Able and Seth
004 - Noah And The Flood
005 - Tower Of Babel
006 - Abram To Canaan
007 - Abram Rescues Lot
008 - Abraham The Promise
009 - Lot And Sodom
010 - Abraham And Ishmael
011 - Abraham And Isaac
012 - Isaac's Wife
013 - Jacob And Esau's Birthright
014 - Jacob And Esau's Blessing
015 - Jacob Laban Rachel
016 - Jacob Works For Laban
017 - Jacob Faces Esau
018 - The Boy Joseph
019 - Joseph Potaphar To Pharoah
020 - Joseph The Ruler
021 - Joseph The Brother
022 - Jacob To Egypt
023 - Slaves In Egypt
024 - Moses Pharaoh's Grandson
025 - God Calls Moses
026 - Moses Before Pharaoh
027 - Six More Plagues
028 - The Red Sea
029 - Moses' Song
030 - Murmuring Israelites
031 - Water From A Rock
032 - Joshua Fights Amalek
033 - Moses Father-In-Law
034 - The Ten Commandments
035 - The Golden Calf
036 - The Tabernacle
037 - Five Offerings
038 - Clean, Unclean And The Sevens
039 - Numbers & Levites
040 - Offerings and Complaints
041 - 12 Spies
042 - Korah Rebels
043 - Aaron's Budding Rod
044 - Water From A Rock, Again
045 - The Wilderness Journey
046 - Balak and Balaam
047 - Moabites and Midianites
048 - Moses' Deuteronomy Review
049 - Moses Dies
050 - Rahab And The Spies
051 - Joshua Crossing Jordan
052 - Battle Of Jericho
053 - Achan's Sin
054 - Ai's Defeat
055 - The Gibeonite's Trick
056 - Israel's Promised Land
057 - East And West Tribes
058 - Joshua Dies
059 - Judges
060 - Othniel, Ehud, & Shamgar
061 - Deborah is Judge
062 - God Calls Gideon
063 - Gideon's Fleece
064 - Gods Sword and Gideon
065 - Abimelech
066 - Jephthah
067 - Jephthah To Samson
068 - Samson at Timnath
069 - Samson's Foxes And Jawbone
070 - Samson And Delilah
071 - Samson Looses His Strength
072 - Benjamin's Tribe
073 - Ruth and Naomi
074 - Ruth Works In The Field
075 - Ruth and Boaz
076 - Hannah Has Samuel
077 - Samuel In The Temple
078 - Philistines And The Ark
079 - Saul Is Made King
080 - Saul Begins To Lead
081 - Jonathan and Armor Bearer
082 - Will Jonathan Die?
083 - Saul and Amalekites
084 - Samuel Anoints David
085 - Goliath Challenges Israel
086 - David and Goliath
087 - Saul is Jealous of David
088 - David Runs From Saul
089 - David Flees To Adullam
090 - David Spares Saul
091 - David and Nabal
092 - David and Abigail
093 - David Spares Saul Again
094 - Saul and The Witch
095 - Amalekites Burn Ziklag
096 - Saul and His Sons Die
097 - David Becomes King
098 - The Covenant Ark
099 - Will David Build God's House?
100 - David The Warrior
101 - Nathan Visits David
102 - David's Punishment
103 - Absalom and Amnon
104 - David Is King Again
105 - More Giants
106 - David's Song
107 - David Counts Israel
108 - Solomon is King
593 - Christmas

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Five most recently written poems

105 - More Giants
106 - David's Song
107 - David Counts Israel
108 - Solomon is King
593 - Christmas

Below are a couple of Bible In Poems random poem selections

Saul Begins To Lead

1 Samuel 10:1 - 1 Samuel 14:1

Samuel anointed Saul as king, but Saul didn't know how to rule.
He went back to his home in Gibeah. No scepter, a staff was his tool.

Saul's tending his herds when a messenger came. Ammonites want to poke out our eyes.
Saul was angry. Sent Israel a message. Come and fight or your plow oxen dies.

Three hundred and thirty thousand, of Israel came out for war.
They fought Ammonites 'til the heat of the day, and the Ammonites threatened no more.

Now some folks had wondered if young Saul could lead, or if God could deliver through him.
After this battle all questions were settled. If you doubted now, just think again.

So the people when up to Gilgal. To worship and dance and sing.
They were grateful to God He provided this man. They rejoiced as they made Saul their king.

Samuel then warned, the Lord is your king, but you wanted to be like the others.
The nations have kings who sit on their thrones. Just men we choose from our brothers.

You turned from the Lord when you wanted a king. You should have had faith in your God.
He brought you from Egypt and gave you this land. Every place father Abraham trod.

Now don't disobey. Both you and your king. Trust God and do His command.
Fear the Lord with your king and turn not aside, and God will bless you and your land.

For two years Saul reigned with his grown up son. Jonathan was his name.
Jonathan fought Philistines. Before him they fell. All the people knew his fame.

Not only in Israel but Philistia too, they knew of what Jonathan did.
The Philistines were mad. They gathered for war. Israel saw it and they ran and hid.

Now Saul was to wait for Samuel, to offer and get his advice.
When Samuel came late, king Saul did not wait, he offered his own sacrifice.

This was wrong, very wrong for the king, to do the work of the priest.
Samuel came and cried Saul, why'd you do this? You were late so I slaughtered the beast.

Well you would have been our kingly family. Your grandsons would reign in your place.
But now God must choose Him another. Your kingship the Lord will replace.

For now there were Philistines to fight. Israel had no swords in their hand.
With axes and pitchforks they hid in the caves. There was terror throughout Israel's land.

Then Jonathan said to his servant. God can save by many or few.
If God is the one who fights this war, He can win it with just me and you!

Nathan Visits David

2 Samuel 12:1 - 2 Samuel 12:9 ..
David had sinned a grievous sin. In fact at least two of the ten. ..
Two of God's ten commandments. Not would, God be angry, but when. ..
Oh yes, God was angry, displeased puts it mild. ..
In time this sin would slay a sweet child. ..
God sent Nathan his prophet, to show David the king, ..
how horrid it was that he did this thing. ..
Nathan said to the king, I've a story to tell. ..
One man was rich, one had not done so well. ..
The rich man had sheep by the thousands. Exceeding herds had this powerful lord. ..
The other had nothing, save one little lamb, with his children they loved and adored. ..
It grew up with their family. From their cups drank it's water. ..
Like a sis to his children and to him like a daughter. ..
Then one day the rich man had a guest. That night they would feast on a lamb. ..
But he did not cook one of his thousands of sheep. He stole the pet of that poor, poor man. ..
As the story unfolded David's face turned bright red. ..
In his anger he yelled, that rich man should be dead! ..
Nathan looked at the king with a fist in each hand, ..
and his face all bright red. Nathan said, You're the man. ..
Silence fell. Not a word did king David speak. ..
As he looked at God's prophet, did a tear cross his cheek? ..
I'm the man. I have taken another man's wife, ..
but to cover that sin, I have taken his life. ..
Nathan continued, God says now today, ..
I anointed you king, I hear when you pray. ..
I delivered your enemies into your hand. ..
I gave you Saul's house, made you king ore the land. ..
Now listen King David. This is what I will do. ..
Punishment will be great. Just be glad I'll spare you. ..

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015