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Matthew, Mark, Luke Christmas Chapters

Zacharias was a priest. He was old to put it mild.
With Elizabeth his wife, also old and had no child.

While he was working at the temple, God said, like Abraham,
Zacharias you will have a son. Yep! I'm doing it again.

As Issac born of Sarah, she was barren you recall,
I'm giving you a son named John, to baptize and preach to all.

Now Zacharias was a wise man. He knew well of Abraham.
But to think that he could have a son was more than he could stand.

How shall I know you speak the truth, angel of the Lord of host?
You'll be dumb the angel said. A twist, usually dumb folks talk the most.

So Zacharias couldn't speak. That had the whole town buzzin'.
While Elizabeth was carrying John an angel visited her cousin.

Mary, said the angel, I know, you know, no one.
That's a lot of no's but here's a yes. Your going to have a son!

And Elizabeth your cousin, who cannot bear a child,
will have a son, and name him John. I'm sure that Mary smiled.

Mary ran to visit Elizabeth. She stayed with her three months.
They praised the Lord. Mary went back home and John was born at once.

Now it came to pass that Caesar, the king of all the land,
decreed a tax on all the world. Every woman, child and man.

Thousands had to pack and travel. What a world wide traffic jam.
Mary was engaged to Joseph. His family came from Bethlehem.

So they traveled 70 miles. Not one day, no, probably three.
But entering Bethlehem the signs all said, "No Vacancy."

No place for Mary and Joseph. No place for Jesus' birth.
No place for this first Christmas. 'Tis how God would come to earth.

There was a place for one part of their little traveling crew.
Their donkey had a stable. Could they sleep in there too?

So among the lowly animals and a manger filled with hay,
Mary brought forth Jesus. Her first born. A place for Christmas day.

Now near them in the country there was a flock of sheep.
With shepherds keeping watch by night so safely they could sleep.

There were no lights. It was pitch black when suddenly the sky,
was lit with glory from the Lord. His angels from on high.

The startled shepherds shook with fear as night lit up like morn.
But the angel said fear not good men, the Saviour has been born.

In the little town of Bethlehem. Here's a sign, the angel said,
you'll find him wrapped in swaddling cloths with a manger for his bed.

Then suddenly the sky was filled. Angels sang the loud, Amen!
God's glory in the highest. Peace on earth, good will toward men.

As the angel left the shepherds, I'm sure each dropped their jaw.
Hey Caleb, Zeek and Jacob, did you see what I just saw?

Pinch my arm. Yep, I'm not dreaming. Call Tim and Paul and Gus.
Let us go now unto Bethlehem. See what God made known to us.

So they came with haste and there they found as the an-gel did say.
Mary, Joseph and the little babe, in a manger filled with hay.

As shepherds spread the tidings, of the angels and Christ's birth,
Mary pondered all this in her heart. Christmas day had come to earth.